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Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy, All Souls Unitarian Church

During the course of the year, inclement weather may cause the church to be closed for Sunday Services and/or weekday events. Clear and consistent instructions will assist people in determining if the office is open for business and/or whether or not they should come to church for a program, meeting, event or even the Sunday worship service. These instructions will be posted in the following locations:

o On the church website

o In the Beacon at the beginning of and throughout the inclement weather season

o In the Order of Service at the beginning of the season and periodically as a reminder throughout the winter months

In case of INCLEMENT WEATHER, the church might be closed.

On inclement Sundays, call the church at 317-545-6005 and listen to the recorded message regarding whether or not the church is closed. Or, into one of the three main broadcast stations (ABC, CBS, NBC) and listen for an announcement about All Souls Unitarian Church cancellations, or check their websites for the same information.

On weekdays, the church is normally closed for business if the Lawrence Township Schools close for active inclement weather or other emergency reasons that would make it unsafe for one to be out on the roads. Delayed openings will similarly be in effect; though staff will open the church on time if it is safe to do so. You can check for information on school closings of delayed openings by tuning into a local TV news channel or visiting the Lawrence Township Schools website at ( Staff may work from home on days when the church is closed due to inclement weather.

During times of year when schools are not in session, All Souls will also be closed if county or city government non-essential services are canceled or delayed due to inclement weather. Our staff will perform their work as safety allows.

How the decision will be made to cancel a Sunday Morning Service:

When inclement weather begins on Sunday morning, the Minister, or the minister’s delegated representative (normally the President), will seek input from the Sexton concerning the accessibility of the church premises as well as the overall condition of 56th Street. A decision will be made by 6:00 a.m. in the morning whether to cancel services and activities. If activities are cancelled all ministries must adhere to this policy for the safety of participants and the security of the building.

The Minister will call the Church Administrator who will post the information of the event cancellation on the website, change the voicemail message with this updated information, and inform the 3 main broadcast stations. Should the church facility be closed, this will be in effect for a 24 hour period starting at 6:00 am.