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Welcome All Souls’ Freedom School!

All Souls Unitarian Church is currently enrolling K-8 children in a Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools® program for this summer – the only one in the state of Indiana! Only 40 spots are available.

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Empirical studies and personal testimonials have documented that CDF Freedom Schools® mitigate the summer learning loss that accounts for 50 percent of the educational disparities that hold too many of our neighborhood children back from a lifetime of success. Last summer, 83 percent of participating children – referred to as “scholars” – gained literacy skills, where normally they would have lost two to three months’ worth of skill development. We are inviting you to work with us to offer scholarships to our All Souls’ Freedom School so that more children can assess this pathway to success.  Donation Information    DONATE BY PAYPAL

This model evidence-based, six-week summer educational program features a culturally-appropriate and affirming curriculum that emphasizes reading, writing, mentoring, leadership, and conflict resolution. Freedom Schools help children and young adults to excel and believe in their ability to make a difference in themselves and in their families, schools, communities, nation, and world. CDF Freedom Schools program sites are safe and restorative learning spaces where:

  • children are surrounded by caring adults and young adults from their community (at a classroom ratio of 1:10) who share their enthusiasm for learning and reading, and commit to serving them as authentic mentors;
  • children read high quality books and are engaged in learning activities that are appropriate to their developmental needs and interests;
  • each day begins with “Harambee!,” a 30-minute activity to celebrate and affirm the value of each participant and prepare for work and learning ahead;
  • children receive two nutritious meals and a healthy snack each day;
  • parents are engaged as site volunteers and participate in weekly workshops on children’s developmental needs, civic responsibility, and other topics of interest;
  • children are encouraged and supported to dream, set goals for themselves, and cultivate positive attitudes and high expectations;
  • young people whose lives have been interrupted and impacted by crises receive consistent, daily service to better understand themselves, their situations, each other, and their potential; and
  • families bear none of the cost, so there is no barrier to entry.

Our All Souls’ Freedom School is so necessary because our neighboring elementary school (IPS 106) has low passing rates, and has not been able to offer summer school for seven years now. These children need more learning opportunities if they are going to become graduates. The All Souls’ Freedom School is stepping into that gap, and fostering parent engagement. Additionally, through the service component built into the program design, the participating families, staff, and volunteers practice good citizenship.  DONATE BY PAYPAL